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GEMATOPORFIRINOVY TEST — qualitative test on haematoporphyrin (derivative hemochromogen, iron-free — C 34 H 36 O 6 N 4 ). Of the item it is based on detection of haematoporphyrin on characteristic absorption spectrums (to areas 380 and 430 of nanometer). For this purpose add barite mixture before emergence of a deposit to urine, filter, wash out a deposit water, then absolute alcohol, add 5 — 8 drops salt to - you, filter again and define an absorption spectrum of solution.

In urine of the person normal haematoporphyrin is absent or is available in trace quantities. At poisonings with a sulfocash, sulphonethylmethane and especially at plumbisms the amount of haematoporphyrin in urine sharply increases.

Of the item is used in court. - medical practice for establishment of traces of blood: spots, suspicious on blood, process the concentrated chamois or salt to - that. In the presence of blood the haematoporphyrin found by a spectral analysis is formed.

N. K. Permyakov.