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GELENDZHIK GROUP OF RESORTS — climatic seaside resorts on Page-3. The Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, the including resort towns of Gelendzhik and resort settlements: To Arkhipo-Osipovk, Dzhankhot, Divnomorsky (False Gelendzhik) and Kabardian. Extent of to. apprx. 100 km — from the resort settlement the Kabardian with Page-3. to the settlement of Arkhipo-Osipovka on Yu.-V. Climate of to. seaside, warm, moderately wet. Summer very warm and rather dry. In July — August average t ° 24 °, the summer heat is softened with breezes. The winter is very soft, the coldest month January (t ° 4 °, sometimes to — 15 °). Steady snow cover almost does not happen. In the fall and in the winter strong sowing quite often blows. - vost. wind. The spring is early, it is frequent with fogs. Fall warm. Average monthly relative humidity of 57 — 68%. An amount of precipitation for a year of 796 mm, from them a half in the summer. Number of hours of sunshine in a year apprx. 2400.

Major medical factors: climate; aerogeliotherapy; sea bathings — a season from May to October (in summer months water temperature reaches to 24 ° above). In a number of the sanatoria having mud baths silt mud of the lake Golubitskogo is used (near Temryuk).

Arkhipo-Osipovka is in 60 km from Gelendzhik, in a peculiar hollow along river. A volcano, limited to ridges. The resort settlement received the name by name the Russian soldier Arkhip Osipov — the hero of the Caucasian war who died in 1840. The climate in this area differs from climate of Gelendzhik in considerable easing sowing. - vost. winds, the Crimea Mikhaylovsky and Pshadsky ridges of the Caucasus Mountains block a way. There is a melkogalechny beach with gradually going down sandy bottom, convenient for bathing of children. Sanatoria, tourist centers, recreation facilities function.

Gelendzhik. Case of sanatorium Chernomorets.

Gelendzhik it is located in 36 km from Novorossiysk at spurs of the Markhotsky ridge which, pressing in the sea, forms a beautiful Gelendzhik bay. Slopes of the ridge and a coastal strip are covered with dense vegetation, it is a lot of vineyards. The most beautiful part of Gelendzhik — the peninsula the Thin cape (Sun gift) with good beaches and a sandy seabed. The resort exists since 1891, however its rapid development and improvement began only after Great October socialist revolution.

In the resort many sanatoria, boarding houses, houses and recreation facilities, resort policlinic, water mud baths, medical beaches, sunbeds, etc. function; there is an extensive park.

Dzhankhot it is located in 15 km to the south of Gelendzhik in the picturesque valley among the mountains overgrown with generally Pitsunda relic pine. The coast represents the open site with the wide pebble beach. Winds almost do not happen. In the resort the large boarding house «Dzhankhot» and a number of recreation facilities functions. Here giving the writer V. G. Korolenko remained, in a cut the museum is open.

Divnomorskoye it is located in 12 km to the south of Gelendzhik in the valley of river of Ikogau, dense vegetation. Influence sowing. - vost. winds it is weakened, and ventilation of the area less. There is a melkogalechny beach with quickly going deep sandy bottom. A number of institutions of rest functions.

Kabardian is in 14 km to S.-Z. from Gelendzhik. It is located on the bank of Tsemes Bay of the Black Sea, at a foot of the mountain of the Ext. In winter time air temperature in the Kabardian is slightly lower, than in Gelendzhik. In the winter and in the fall quite often blow sowing. - vost. winds. There is an equipped pebble beach, a bottom of the sea sandy, gradually going down. Sanatorium «Pearl of the sea» for treatment of teenagers with diseases of a respiratory organs of not tubercular character and a nervous system and large boarding house «Kabardinka» functions.

Indications for all to.: diseases of bodies of blood circulation (at a circulatory unefficiency it is not higher than I stage), a respiratory organs of not tubercular character, functional frustration of a nervous system, an anemia, and also associated diseases of a musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system (for the sanatoria having mud baths); active forms of a pulmonary tuberculosis and bone tuberculosis (for the sanatoria located on the cape Solntsedar).

In the winter and in the early spring in to. it is undesirable to direct patients with the expressed forms of neurosises, especially with the phenomena of vegetovascular lability. In more detail indications, and also contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection (table).

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