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GEGEShI-KIShSh Fell (Gegesi Kiss Pal, sort. in 1900) — the Hungarian pediatrician, the doctor of medical sciences, professor (1971), the member of the Hungarian academy of Sciences (1957). In 1946 — 1971 the director of pediatric clinic and at the same time (1955 — 1966) rector medical un-that (Budapest). Scientific works of P. Gegeshi-Kishsh are devoted to scoping of blood at healthy children of different age groups, to electrocardiographic researches at healthy and sick children, to a pathogeny of toxic syndromes at babies at acute diseases, to treatment of disturbances of functions of cardiovascular system at infectious diseases (including diphtheria, scarlet fever, flu, dysentery), and also at a diabetes mellitus and various psychopathological states.

For scientific works to it the award of Ad Sengera at a competition of the Budapest union of doctors (1930) and an award of Koshut is awarded (1957). He is a president Hungarian about-va Red the Cross, the honorary member Soviet about-va pediatricians, the member Czechoslovak medical about-va of Ya. Purkinye. It is awarded the order the Red Banner and medals.

Works: Kot's Das und seine Behandlung bei Diabetes mellitus im Kindesalter, Basel — N. Y., 1956; The Heart disease and bodies of blood circulation at infantile and children's age, the lane with Wenger., Budapest, 1962 (sovm, with Sutreli D.); Krank-heit und Heilung, Budapest, 1965; The Diabetes mellitus at children's age, the lane with Wenger., Budapest, 1967 (sovm, from Bart L.); t)ber die Grundlagen der klinischen Psy-chologie, Budapest, 1968; Personlichkeits-storungen im Kindesalter, Budapest, 1969 (sovm, with Liebermann L. P.).

Bibliography: International who’s who, 1973 — 1974, p. 587, L., 1973.

Yu. A. Knyazev, L. F. Marchenko.