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GEBRA Ferdinand

GEBRA Ferdinand (Hebra Ferdinand von, 1816 — 1880) is the Austrian dermatologist, the founder and the head of the Vienna dermatological school. Since 1841, after obtaining the diploma of the doctor, worked in clinic Y. Skodas, and since 1845 directed dermatological department in it. Since 1849 extraordinary, and since 1869 ordinary professor of dermatology Vienna un-that; since 1876 the member correspondent. Vienna academy of Sciences.

The major researches F. Gebra were devoted to studying of morphology of rashes and their interrelation and transformation at various dermatosis. He developed new classification of diseases of skin, having grouped them in 12 classes: hyperemia, anemia, secretory anomalies of glands, exudations, hemorrhages, hypertrophies, atrophies, new growths high-quality and malignant, ulcers, neurosises of skin, parasitic diseases.

T. Gebra considered skin as a component of an organism, and skin diseases — as a result or the internal reasons (symptomatic diseases of skin), or external harmful effects on skin (idiopathic diseases of skin). It carried the general diseases of an organism, a disease of separate bodies and a nervous system, hereditary factors to the endogenous reasons. More important in etiol, F. Gebr's relation considered exogenous influences on skin of various irritants physical. and chemical nature, pathogenic fungi and parasites. He persistently opposed the dominating ideas of diseases of skin as about displays of some general dyscrasias and diathesis.

During the development to lay down. F. Gebr's actions along with internal means paid special attention to outside methods of therapy, rejecting opinion on harm of the local pharmaceuticals capable allegedly «to drive inside» a skin disease.

It described a number of skin diseases, the Crimea his name was appropriated later: prurigo Gebra (see. Prurigo ), a mnogoformny exudative erythema of Gebra (see. Erythema ), the bordered Gebra's eczema, etc. Among the works published by it the Guide to dermatology and the Atlas of diseases of skin are most known.

Works: Atlas der Hautkrankheiten, Wien, 1856 — 1876; Lehrbuch der Hautkrankheiten, Bd 1 — 2, Erlangen — Stuttgart, 1874 — 1876 (sovm, with Kaposi, the Russian lane, t. 1 — 2. SPb., 1876 — 1883).

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