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GAY TEST (M of Hay, shotl. the doctor, 1855 — 1932) — qualitative test on bile acids in urine, is based on reduction of surface intention of urine at emergence in it bile (cholic) acids and their salts (dressing gowns).

Technology of definition: 40 — 60 ml of the filtered urine leave to stand within 20 — 30 min. Then on a surface fill powder of sulfur. At the increased content in urine bilious to - t or their salts parts of sulfur begin to sink owing to reduction of surface intention (positive test); at a negative take of test powder of sulfur remains on a surface. The most reliable results of test receive at cultivation of urine to ud. weight 1,015.

Normal bilious to - you in urine are not found. Their emergence in urine is observed at mechanical jaundice and some other diseases of a liver.

See also Bile acids .

L. M. Pimenova.