GAYMOR Nathanael

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GAYMOR Nathanael (Highmore Nathaniel, 1613 — 1685) — the English doctor and the anatomist. In 1634 arrived on natural f-t Oxford un-that, upon termination of to-rogo worked as the doctor in Sherburna. It is known for the works in the field of anatomy. It the first described a genyantrum (a Highmore's bosom — sinus Highmorei), and also an anatomic structure of testicles (the reinforced tail of a white of a small egg — mediastinum testis — is called Highmore's a body — corpus Highmorei). The great influence on development of anatomy was exerted by the course of anatomy released N. Gaymor in 1651. A number of its works is devoted to questions of a comparative anatomy.

Works: Corporis humani disquisitio anatomica, Hagae, 1651.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. A. ffirsch, Bd 3, S. 219, B. — Wien, 1931; Gordon J. E. Nathaniel Highmore, Physicians and anatomist, 1614 — 1685, Practitioner, v. 196, p. 851, 1966, bibliogr.

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