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GAYMOROGRAFIYA (gaymoro [va a bosom] + grech, grapho to write, represent) — X-ray inspection of genyantrums using artificial contrasting.

Highmore's (maxillary) bosoms at various pathology (schemes from the roentgenograms made in mental and nasal and side projections). I: and — the normal thickness of a mucous membrane (a light strip between a contrast agent and a bone wall of a Highmore's bosom); — the same in a side picture; in — a thickening of a mucous membrane at chronic hyperplastic process. II: and — eccentric type of a partial obliteration of a Highmore's bosom on the right and concentric type of an obliteration at the left; — concentric type of an obliteration in a side picture; in — eccentric type of an obliteration of the right Highmore's bosom, concentric — the left Highmore's bosom at a research of the patient in vertical position. III: and — the regional defects of filling of the right Highmore's bosom caused by multiple polyps against the background of a reinforced mucous membrane; — the same in a side picture; in — defects of filling of the right Highmore's bosom against the background of polipozno the changed mucous membrane; in the left Highmore's bosom — a single polyp. IV: and — the cyst of the right Highmore's bosom filled with contrast weight after removal of its contents; the defect of filling of the left Highmore's bosom caused by existence of a cyst, contents of a cyst it is not removed; — the cavity of a cyst filled with a contrast agent (a side projection); in — the cavity of a cyst which is going beyond a bosom owing to destruction of a bone wall, filled with a contrast agent.

Make at hron, antritis with tselyo clarifications of the nature patol. process when usual roentgenograms and tomograms are not convincing. After a puncture of a medial wall of a bosom delete its contents; the bosom is washed out warm isotonic solution of sodium chloride and then enter a contrast agent (usually Iodolipolum or propilyodon) in a dose of 6 — 12 ml depending on the volume of a bosom and prevalence of process. Pictures make in several projections, a thicket in frontal, mental and nasal and side (fig.).

See also Paranasal sinuses .

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