GAVRILOV Oleg Konstantinovich

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GAVRILOV Oleg Konstantinovich

GAVRILOV Oleg Konstantinovich (sort. in 1922) — Soviet scientist-hematologist, professor (1967), member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1974), colonel of medical service. The member of the CPSU since 1941. In 1943 ended the 2nd MMI and was involved in fights on fronts of the Great Patriotic War in positions of the senior doctor of a regiment, the brigade doctor of an airborne brigade. After war directed health service of airborne connection, and then was on improvement in VMA of S. M. Kirov (1950 — 1952) and worked till 1968 as the teacher in the same place. From 1968 to 1972 — the head of department of the organization and tactics of medical service the soldier. - medical f-that improvements of doctors at TsOLIUV. Since 1972 — the director of the Central Order of Lenin research in-that hematology and hemotransfusion.

O. K. Gavrilov published more than 190 scientific works, including 6 monographs devoted to questions of medical ensuring fighting of troops, the organization of service of blood in the conditions of peace and wartime, a nek-eye to problems of hematology. It drafted a number of provisions on the organization of service of blood in Armed Forces taking into account experience of the Great Patriotic War and the accepted system of the decentralized preparation and the centralized supply with blood to lay down. institutions, indications to transfusion therapy, and also the need for transfusion means at treatment of a modern fighting injury are specified. O. K. Gavrilov investigated the main stages and tendencies of historical development of service of blood and proved nek-ry moral and ethical regulations on gratuitous donorship in the conditions of the developed socialist society. He took part in development of problems of molecular hematology, a koagulologiya and leykozologiya.

O. K. Gavrilov is the associate editor of magazines «Problems of Hematology and Hemotransfusion», «Soviet Health Care», the deputy editor-in-chief of department of hematology of BME (the 3rd prod.), chairman of the board of All-Union society of hematologists and transfuziolog (1975), adviser for the European countries of Executive council of the International society of transfuziolog (1975). It is awarded the order Patriotic war of the II degree, two awards of the Red Star and medals.

Works: Sketches of history of development and use of hemotransfusion, L., 1968; Medical support of Red Army in the second period of the Great Patriotic War (November, 1942 — December, 1943), in book: Sketches of history of owls. soldier. medical, under the editorship of D. D. Kuvshinsky and A.S. Georgiyevsky, page 239, L., 1968 (sovm, with other); Donorship, L., 1971 (sovm, from Bogomolova L. G.); Questions of molecular biology in hematology and transfusiology, Owls. medical, No. 9, page 12, 1975; Organizational problems of service of blood, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 2, page 3, 1975.

Yu. N. Tokarev.