GAUZE Georgy Frantsevich

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GAUZE Georgy Frantsevich

GAUZE Georgy Frantsevich (sort. in 1910) — the Soviet microbiologist, professor (1940), the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1971), the foreign member of the Polish academy of Sciences (1967). Ended Moscow un-t in 1931 and worked for 1942 there.

Since 1942 the manager. laboratory of antibiotics Ying-that medical parasitology and tropical medicine of M3 of the USSR, since 1948 — the manager. laboratory of antibiotics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, since 1960 the director Ying-that on research of new antibiotics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

G.F. Gauza possesses more than 200 scientific works, including 3 monographs devoted to experimental studying mikrobiol, patterns of formation of new antibiotics and the mechanism of their action at molecular level. Under its management domestic antibacterial antibiotics — gramicidin C, kolimitsin (Neomycinum), Monomycinum, Ristomycinum, Geliomycinum, lincomycin, and also antineoplastic antibiotics — Olivomycinum, Bruneomycinum and rubomitsin are received and implemented in medical practice. For works on creation (sovm, from M. G. Brazhnikova) and implementation in practice of health care of gramicidin With G. F. Gauz it is conferred the State award USSR (1946). A number of its monographs devoted to questions of classification of actinomycetes — producers of antibiotics, to ways and methods of research of new antibiotics, is translated on English, is mute. and polsk, languages it is also published in the USA, GDR, the Party of Russian Taxpayers and other countries. To G.F. Gauza — the WHO expert in Geneva, since 1959 the member of presidium of the International society of chemotherapy (in 1962 — 1966 was the vice-president of this society), heads section of antibiotics of All-Union society of microbiologists, epidemiologists and infectiologists of I. I. Mechnikov; in 1970 — 1974 the adviser of WHO for medical science. To G.F. Gauza it is awarded by two awards of the Labour Red Banner, two awards «Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: Gramicidin C and its use, M., 1952; Questions of classification of actinomycetes antagonists, M., 1957 (edition); Lectures on antibiotics, M., 1958; Ways of research of new antibiotics, M., 1961; Antineoplastic antibiotics Olivomycinum, Bruneomycinum, rubomitsin and their use in clinic, M., 1971 (edition)

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