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Martine's GAUDEK

GAUDEK Martin (Haudek Martin, 1880 — 1931) — the Austrian radiologist, the representative of the Vienna school of radiologists. Having gained the diploma of the doctor in 1905, worked in department of internal diseases of the Vienna hospital. Since 1914 — the graduated in a military academy Rentgenologicheskogo in-that Goltsknekhta, and since 1920 — the head Rentgenologicheskogo in-that at the Vienna hospital Wilhelminenspital.

M. Gaudek is an author more than 60 works devoted to a clinical radiology and radiodiagnosis of a pulmonary tuberculosis, measurements of a shadow of heart, traumatic phrenic hernias, definition of foreign bodys in an eye, a technique rentgenol. researches of a stomach and uric bodies, differential diagnosis of antral gastritis, pylorostenoses, differential diagnosis between an ulcer and a carcinoma of the stomach. M. Gaudek's researches in the field of radiodiagnosis of diseases of a digestive tract, especially peptic ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum, considerably did not lose the value and until now. It described (1910) ulcer niche in rentgenol. the image — the so-called niche of Gaudek, edge is a symptom of stomach ulcer and a duodenum.

M. Gaudek since 1913 was the permanent member of committee of the German society of radiologists.

Works: Die Bedeutung der Magenradiologie fur die Ghirurgie, Jena, 1911 (sovm, with Glair-mont P.); Interne Rontgendiagnostik in der Massenpraxis, B. — Wien, 1918; Die Rontgenuntersuchung der Duodenums, Lehrbuch d. Rontgenkunde, hrsg. v. H. Rie-der u. J. Rosenthal, S. 173, Lpz., 1924.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. at. I. Fischer. Bd 1, S. 587, B. — Wien, 1932; Osterrei-chisch Lexikon, hrsg. v. R. Bamberger u. F. Maier-Bruck, S. 472, Wien — Miinchen, 1966; Schwarz G. Prof. Dr. Martin Haudek, Strahlentherapie, Bd 41, S. 201, 1931, Bibliogr.

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