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GASTROPLICATION (grech, gaster stomach + lat. plica a fold) — sewing up of a wall of a stomach for the purpose of reduction of its volume. It is applied at expansion and an atony of a stomach. It is for the first time applied by H. Bircher in 1891 according to H. Bircher consists that a number of seams the front wall of a stomach is taken in in lengthwise direction pleated, and thus big curvature approaches small. A number of modifications of this method was offered. Marchesini took in in cross folds and a lobby, and back walls of a stomach, adding a gastroenterostomy. A. L. Polenov (1910) suggested to take in a front wall of antral department in the cross folds dispersing from the gatekeeper, usually combining G. with a gastroenterostomy or with a gastropexy. Pust took in a front wall longwise in the form of a semilunum.

Reduces the volume of an expanded atonichny stomach, but breaks its anatomy and function owing to what this operation for the specified purposes lost the value.

V. R. Braytsev.