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GASTROPEXY (Greek gaster a stomach + pexis fixing) a podshivaniye of a stomach to a lobby or a back abdominal wall. H.Duret in 1896 was carried out for the first time. At the beginning of 20 century G. applied at omission and a gastrectasia. Transaction of these indications has hl. obr. historical interest.

Technology of operation

Abdominal section is conducted on the centerline between a xiphoidal shoot and a navel to a peritoneum. The abdominal cavity is opened in the lower 2/3 these sections. The right half of small curvature of a stomach a continuous silk suture is hemmed to a peritoneum in the field of an upper corner of a median laparotomny wound.

Across Rovsingu (T. Rovsing), hem a front wall of a stomach to edges of a wound of an abdominal wall by means of the separate removable seams brought to skin. Some other ways G. is based on the principle of suspension of a stomach. For this purpose suggested to use a round ligament of a liver, to-ruyu carried out under a serous cover of a stomach (G. Pertes) or in the thickness of a gastrolic sheaf (P. N. Napalkov), a rag from a peritoneum and a back leaf of a vagina of direct muscles of a stomach [Gammesfar (S. Hammesfahr), Lambre (O. Lambret)], sewing up of an omentulum [Beye (N. Beyea), A. Bir], sewing up of an omentulum to combinations with a podshivaniye to a front abdominal wall of a gastrolic sheaf [Douglas (J. Douglas)], etc. Offered also methods G. by a podshivaniye to a front abdominal wall of a big epiploon [R. Coffey] of a mesentery of a cross colon (V. R. Braytsev), etc.

V. R. Braytsev.