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GASTRODISCOIDOSIS (gastrodiscoidosis) — the helminthosis from group of trematodoz proceeding with intestinal frustration. Meets in India, Pakistan, on the peninsula of Indochina, the islands of Indonesia, the Philippine islands. The activator — a trematode of Gastrodiscoides hominis (Lewis et McConnell, 1876) — helminth of a pear-shaped form 4 — 10 mm long and 3 — 6 mm wide. The dorsal surface of his body convex, ventral, in a back discal part concave. The belly sucker is located at the back end of a body, it is 4 times more oral. Eggs with a lid and asymmetric inflation of a shell on the end, opposite to it; size of their 0,150 — 0,157 X X 0,06 — 0,072 mm. In a stage of puberty of G. hominis parasitizes in a caecum of the person, a domestic and wild pig with which stake in external environment eggs of helminth are allocated. In eggs germs — miratsidiya which leave in water develop and get in mollusks of Anisus (Gyraulus) acronicus, etc. In mollusks there is a development and reproduction of larval generations of G. hominis which is coming to an end with an exit in water of larvae having a tail — tserkariyev. Cercariae intsistirutsya on water plants, turning in adoleskariyev.

Infection of people and animals happens during the swallowing adoleskariyev to water and at consumption of water plants. Proceeds at the phenomena typhlitis (see), a coloenteritis (see. Enteritis , coloenteritis).

Treatment carry out by Naftamonum, tetrachlorethylene, methyl-isopropyl phenol. Naftamonum is appointed inside, one-time (it daily) a dose for adults and for children 5 years — 5a, for children at the age of 5 years and less — 2 — 2,5 g are more senior. Drug is accepted on an empty stomach for 1/2 — 1 hour till a breakfast. It is poured into 50 ml (1/4 glasses) of warm sugar syrup, carefully stirred and drunk in one step.

Prevention — to drink water from open reservoirs only after boiling or filtering through a canvas; water plants scald boiled water.

See also Trematodoza .

H. N. Plotnikov.