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GASHEK Milan (Hasek Milan, sort. in 1925) — the Czechoslovak biologist-immunologist, the doctor biol, sciences (1961), the member correspondent. Czechoslovak academy of Sciences (1962), the winner of the State award of K. Gotvald (1961).

Ended medical f-t of Karlov un-that in Prague in 1949; from 1956 to 1966 — the associate professor, and since 1966 — professor of department of zoology natural f-that it un-that. In 1961 — 1970 was the director Ying-that experimental biology and genetics of Czechoslovak academy of Sciences.

M. Gashek published more than 139 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to problems of immunity. In classical experiments on a parabiosis of birds in the period of embryonic development he came into at them a fortune immunol, tolerances, at Krom of a bird — partners in an embryonal parabiosis lose ability to develop antibodies at mutual immunization by their blood cells, and also to tear away allogenic skin transplants. M. Gashek established that immunol, tolerance gains polyvalent character at intra embryonal administration of mix of cells from a large number of donors, defined the optimum adaptive period for induction of a state immunol, tolerances at hens, ducks and some mammals.

A number of works of M. Gashek is devoted to a cancer immunology and an immunogenetics.

M. Gashek is the member British about-va immunologists (1967), the German academy of testers of the nature (1966), the honorary member of French about-va immunology (1967), the American association of immunologists (1973) and others scientific about - century.

Works: Parabiosis of birds during embryonic development, Chekhoslovatsk. biol., t. 2, No. 1, page 29, 1953; Immunological effects of experimental embryonal parabiosis, Nature (Lond.), v. 175, p. 764, 1955 (sovm, with Hraba T.); Quantitative study of tolerance of skin grafts in ducks and the question of the adaptation of grafts, Folia Biol. (Kraktfw), t. 7, s. 11, 1961; On the induction of immunological tolerance in adult recipients, ibid., t. 8, s. 55, 1962 (sovm, with Puza A.).

E. A. Zotikov.