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GAS-RESCUING SERVICE it will be organized at the industrial enterprises consuming, making and processing toxic, hot or explosive gases, liquids and other substances, to-rye can lead to a considerable gas contamination of the air environment, explosions, the fires and other sudden situations, life-threatening people and normal work of the enterprise. Of page consists of the gas-rescuing station with chemical laboratory, gas-rescuing groups and voluntary teams.

Of page carries out work on the prevention of accidents, explosions, the fires, gas-allocations, etc. In particular, gas dangerous zones are defined and protected with the corresponding precautionary signs and texts, posts at work in a gas dangerous zone are established, tool control of sources of gas-allocations and concentration of gases in the air environment is carried out. In case of accidents (gas-allocations, explosions, the fires) G. workers of page save people and render to victims the first medical aid (an artificial respiration, a stop of bleeding, fixing of changes, bandaging of wounds, etc.), bring victims out of a dangerous zone, participate in accident elimination and their effects.

G. workers of page exercise constant control behind a condition of means of the general and individual protection, train members of voluntary gas-rescuing teams in gas-rescuing works, and production personnel — to safe methods of work, self-rescue and rendering the first medical aid, participate in the commissions on acceptance for operation gazo-, vzryvo-and fire-dangerous objects, and also on investigation of cases of poisonings and accidents in gas-explosive productions and workshops.

N. P. Kokorev.