GARTOH Oscar Oskarovich

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GARTOH Oscar Oskarovich (1881 — 1942) — the Soviet microbiologist, the immunologist and the epidemiologist. After the termination VMA until the end of life worked in Ying-those experimental medicine (Leningrad) under the leadership of A. A. Vladimirov and V. L. Omelyansky, and since 1930 managed department of medical microbiology of it in-that. At the same time, since 1932, directed scientific work in Leningrad in-those microbiology and epidemiology of Pasteur.

O. O. Gartokh published apprx. 100 scientific works devoted to experimental studying of infectious processes, the general questions of immunity, an anaphylaxis, experimental chemotherapy of infectious diseases, microbiology and epidemiology of intestinal infections. The principles of dynamic studying of infectious process on the basis of assessment quantitative mikrobiol, and immunol were offered them, indicators and the corresponding methods of a research are developed; the interrelation between local and general immunity is studied; methods mikrobiol are specified., serol, and epidemiol. differentiations of a paratyphoid and salmonellezny toxicoinfections, and also a role of various categories of bacillicarriers in epidemiology of tifo-paratyphoid diseases; need of a differentiation of dysenteric diseases on etiol is proved, and distinctions between them depending on a source of an infection are established to forms epidemiol (patients acute, hron, dysentery or the erased forms of a disease). O. O. Gartokh took part in work of the commission Narkomzdrava on various epidemiol, questions, and also in the organization of all-Union congresses of microbiologists, epidemiologists and infectiologists on whom he repeatedly made program reports (in 1924, 1926, 1928, 1939).

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V. I. Ioffe.