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GARRISON Fielding (Garrison Fiellding Hudson, 1870 — 1935) — the American bibliographer and the historian of medicine. Got an education in J. Gopkins's high fur boots and Georgetown. More than 40 years worked in the largest medical libraries of the USA: to medical library of army of the USA, the New York medical academy and library of Welsh in Baltimore.

F. Garrison is the author of many works on questions of history of medicine, history of military medicine and the bibliography of history of medicine. His book «Introduction to History of Medicine» which sustained from 1913 to 1929 four editions uses special popularity. In 1912 and 1933 it published the systematized list of the largest compositions on medicine which is the valuable reference book on history of medicine. After his death this book was added and republished by Morton (the L T. Morton).

F. Garrison took part in the Index-Catalogue, Index medicus and Quarterly cumulative index medicus edition.

Works: Notes on the history of military medicine, Washington, 1922; An introduction to the history of medicine, Philadelphia, 1929; Medical bibliography, L., 1954 (sovm, with Morton L. T.).

Bibliography: Kagan S. R. Life and letters of Fielding H. Garrison, Boston, 1938; Oliver J. R. Colonel Fielding Hw Garrison, Ann. med. Hist., v. 7, p. 402, 1935.

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