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Carle's GARRE

GARRE Karl (Garre Carl, 1857 — 1928) — the German surgeon. After completion of medical education in Bern (1882) worked as the surgeon in Sant'-Gallene and Basel, then in Tuebingen (1888 — 1894) for P. Bruns.

Since 1894 — professor in Rostock, since 1901 — in Konigsberg, since 1905 in Breslau, and from 1907 to 1928 — in Bonn.

K. Garre is the author of numerous works on the general and specialty surgery, field surgery, bacteriology, orthopedics, oncology and therapy. In a number of works on bacteriology he pointed to value of a droplet and air infection in emergence of inflammatory processes. It described a special form of sclerosing osteomyelitis (1893), edges is called by his name (see. Osteomyelitis ). He was engaged also in studying of an anesthesia, transplantation of fabrics, injuries of a skull, elephantiasis and kostnosustavny tuberculosis.

K. Garre's works on surgery of lungs («Lung operations», «Pulmonary fistulas») and kidneys («About piyelo-and nephrotomies») are most known, to surgical treatment of diseases of a gullet, throat and tumors of a mediastinum, belly surgery. Paid to studying of a craw, eurysynusic among the population of the mountain cantons of Switzerland much attention, and the first made removal of a thyroid gland for the purpose of treatment of a bazedovy disease.

K. Garre is known as the author and the editor of textbooks, atlases and the multivolume managements. He was also an editor of a number of surgical magazines of Germany.

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