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GANSEN Gerhard

GANSEN Gerhard (Hansen Gerhard Henrik Armauer, 1841 — 1912) — the Norwegian leprologist, the doctor of honoris causa un-that in Copenhagen, the member correspondent. Parisian medical academy. Ended in 1859 medical f-t un-that in Christiania (nowadays Oslo).

Since 1868 Lungegaard and leprose hospital in Bergen worked in leper colony; since 1875 the general leprosy inspector in Norway.

G. Gansen is an author more than 50 scientific works devoted to an etiology, a pathogeny, clinic and epidemiology of a leprosy. In 1872 he disproved the concept dominating then about hereditary transfer of a leprosy and proved the doctrine about contageousness of a disease; described (1874) infestants you. leprae Hanseni (Mycobacterium leprae); studied a gistomorfologiya and clinical displays of a disease. In many countries the leprosy is called Gansen's disease.

History of fight against a leprosy in Norway is connected with a name of G. Gansen. On its initiative in 1879 free movement of patients with a leprosy over the country was forbidden, and in 1885 the law providing obligatory isolation of infectious patients in leper colonies or at home and also systematic medical examinations of the persons which had contact with patients is adopted. This law formed a basis for the legislation of many countries concerning patients with a leprosy.

In day of the 60 anniversary of G. Gansen (1901) in Bergen to it the monument was erected during lifetime.

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H. A. Torsuyev.