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GANGLIONEYROBLASTOMA (ganglioneuroblastoma; lat. ganglion a nerve knot + neuron a sinew, a nerve + blastos a sprout + - oma; synonym: malignant ganglioneuroma, ganglioblastoma) — one of malignant options of ganglioznokletochny tumors of a nervous system, cytologic and biologically taking the intermediate place between high-malignant neuroblastoma (see) and a high-quality gangliocytoma (see. Ganglioneuroma ).

Ganglioneyroblastoma of c. the N of page macroscopically has an appearance of a limited node of the gray or gray-pink color deprived of the capsule with sites of a necrosis and hemorrhages. On a microscopic structure distinguish G.: a) the structures of a ganglioneuroma containing preferential, but with the centers from cells like neuroblasts and b) consisting of randomly located polymorphic ganglionic cells of different stages of a differentiation. Structures of both types sometimes find figures of mitotic division of neuroblasts. Ganglioneyroblastoma of c. the N of page metastasizes usually only within a head and spinal cord.

Of a peripheral sympathetic nervous system infiltrirut the capsule and adjacent fabrics covering it and often gives metastasises. G. seldom, hl meet. obr. at children. Ganglioblastomas of c are especially rare. N of page. G. more slowly than a neuroblastoma grows, it malignizirutsya sometimes. G.'s localization — see. Ganglioneuroma , Neuroblastoma .

Clinical picture — see. Brain , tumors. Treatment Surgical. Forecast is defined by existence or lack of metastasises and tumoral infiltration of the fabrics, next to G.

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