GAMMERMAN Adele Fiodorovna

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GAMMERMAN Adele Fiodorovna

GAMMERMAN Adele Fiodorovna (sort. in 1888) — the Soviet pharmacognosy specialist, applied phytotomy and medicinal raw materials, the doctor pharm, sciences (1941), professor (1934). Ended in 1915 provizorsky courses at Tartu un-those, and in 1922 — Leningrad chemical - pharm. in-t where then, from 1935 to 1966, headed department of a pharmacognosy. As the member of Pharmacopoeian committee M3 of the USSR participated in drawing up VIII (1946), IX (1961) and X (1968) State editions. pharmacopeias.

A. F. Gammerman is an author more than 100 scientific works, including many guides and textbooks to a pharmacognosy, determinants of medicinal vegetable raw materials. Made the significant contribution to studying of areas of medicinal plants in the country, definition of their resources and biology of recovery of thickets. She is a participant of a number of expeditions on studying of medicinal and noxious plants. Made nearly 80 cards of the general areas and a set of cards on resources of domestic medicinal plants. On its initiative for the first time in our country the anatomic analysis of powders and cut medicinal vegetable raw materials, its photochemical, microscopic and merchandising analyses were put. Especially deeply it studied the Tibetan and Central Asian herbal remedies.

A. F. Gammerman made for improvement of teaching much pharmacognosies (see); the training program of this subject included studying of many new domestic medicinal plants and studying of the plants which are not extended to territories of the USSR is reduced to a minimum. Its textbook on a pharmacognosy sustained 6 editions. Under its management 33 theses, including 3 doctor's are executed.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Turkestan collection of medicinal products of the museum of the Main botanic garden, Izv. Glavn. botanich. garden, t. 26, century 4, page 291, 1927 (sovm, with Monte-verde N. A.); Review of medicinal plants of east medicine, yew., L., 1940; Schematic distribution maps of the major medicinal plants, M. — L., 1954 (sovm, with Shass E. Yu.); The bibliography on medicinal plants, the Index of domestic literature, the manuscript of 17 — 19 centuries, printing editions 1732 — 1954, М.—JI.# 1957 (sovm, with other); Plants healers, M., 1963 (sovm, with other); Course of a pharmacognosy, prod. the 6th, L., 1967.

Bibliography: A. F. Gammerman, Pharmacy, t. 18, No. 2, page 91, 1969; Russian botanists, Biografo-bibliografichesky dictionary, sost. S.Ue. Lipschitz, t. 2, page 226, M., 1947, bibliogr.; Haletskiya. M. Professor A. F. Gammerman, Works Leningr. chemical - pharm, in-that, t. 12, page 7, 1961, bibliogr.

I. A. Muravyev.