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GAMARTOMA (Greek hamart[ia] a mistake, defect + oma) — the nodal tumorous education representing the fabric anomaly of development arising in connection with the wrong formation of embryonal fabric complexes. The term «gamartom» is offered in 1904 by Albrecht (E. Albrecht). The body where it is defined, but differing in an abnormal structure, an arrangement, degree of a differentiation of fabrics consists of the same fabric components, as. If in G.'s structure any one fabric prevails (histoid), it is called on character of this fabric. So, at dominance of cartilaginous tissue G. of a lung name hondromatozny G.; at dominance of an angienchyma — vascular. At detection in G. of elements of the different fabrics forming the structures reminding a picture of this or that body speak about organoid

G. G. inborn cavernous angiomas of a liver, spleen, skin are. Carry a pigmental nevus to G. Are quite often observed in a lung.

Have no property of the progressing impetuous growth. Extremely seldom from G. malignant tumors of a hamartoblastoma can develop. So, at G. of a lung development of malignant tumors is noted at 8 of 1020 observed patients (A. A. Papoltsi).

Treatment surgical.

See also Hamartia .

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