GALANIN Nikolay Fedorovich

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GALANIN Nikolay Fedorovich

GALANIN Nikolay Fedorovich (1893 — 1969) — the Soviet hygienist, professor (1938), the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1946). Member of the CPSU. In 1923 Leningrad medical in-t ended the 1st and it was left the assistant to department of the general hygiene of institute. At the same time worked in antigas laboratory of the prof. G. V. Hlopin. In 1926 it is elected the assistant to department of the general hygiene of VMA, and from 1942 to 1955 headed this department. In 1956 — 1959 was the director, and since 1959 managed department of a radiant energy Leningrad nauch. - issled, in-that a physics health.

Η. F. Galanin is an author more than 100 scientific works, including 4 monographs devoted to hl. obr. to studying dignity. - a gigabyte. working conditions in various productions connected with allocation of a radiant energy. Methods of measurement, rationing and dosage of ultra-violet radiation are offered them. A number of its works is devoted to medical climatology; under its management nek-ry questions of climatic treatment of patients were developed, and also researches on studying of influence of vibrations on human health, on studying and improvement a gigabyte are conducted. properties of fabrics.

Η. F. Galanin headed the Leningrad department of All-Union science foundation of hygienists for a number of years. In 2 prod. BME was an editor of department «Hygiene». It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner, Patriotic war of the II degree, the Red Star and medals.

Works: Military hygiene, M. — L., 1936 (sovm, with Krotkov F. G.); Radiant energy and its hygienic value, L., 1952; Sanitary climatology, Management but lump. gigabyte., under the editorship of F. G. Krotkov, t. 1, page 30, M., 1961.

Bibliography: Η. F. Galanin (70 years since birth), Gigabyte. and dignity., No. 11, page 103, 1963; Memories of professor Η. F. Galanina, in the same place, No. 6, page 122, 1969.