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GALAKTOTSELE (galactocele; grech, gala, galakt[os] milk + kele a tumor) — the retentsionny lactocele filled with milk or oily weight.

Multichamber to a galaktotsela (three cysts are visible).

Meets rather seldom. G.'s emergence is connected with obstruction of one or several output channels of a mammary gland. Arises in the period of a lactation, sometimes during pregnancy or after the end of the period of feeding. Less often G.'s education is connected with postponed mastitis (see), caused impassability of output channels of gland. In these cases contents of a cyst can be infected. It can be presented by one or several (multichamber G.) cysts (fig.) to dia, from 1 to, cm and more. The single cyst of an oval form located close a pacifier, an elastic consistence with a smooth surface, not soldered to skin painless meets more often, at a palpation the zybleniye is noted. Walls of a cyst are covered by a cubic epithelium from within. Around cysts — growth of a stroma in the form of a tight coat of connecting fabric, in a cut the obliterated channels are found. Develops gradually, without pains, reddening kozhn and rise in temperature that distinguishes it from abscess. At a rupture of G. located close to integuments formation of milk fistula is possible.

Diagnosis Comes easy. Communication of a cyst with the period of a lactation allows to differentiate it from the multiple cysts developing at a fibrosing adenosis; the elastic consistence and fluctuation distinguish G. from a fibroadenoma, cancer and other tumors of a mammary gland. The correct establishment of the diagnosis is helped by non-contrast mammography (see) and a duktografiya (see. Mammary gland ).

Treatment operational — excision of a cyst within healthy fabrics with an urgent gistol, a research of drug.

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