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GAGRA — the climatic seaside foothill resort in a zone of humid subtropics on the bank of the Black Sea in the Abkhaz ASSR. It is located in 60 km from Sochi and 80 km from Sukhumi in a coastal strip and on slopes of the Gagra ridge (to 150 m above sea-level). The slopes of the Gagra ridge which are cut through by narrow and deep gorges of the mountain rivers and covered with the deciduous woods merging with subtropical flora of gardens and parks abruptly break at the seashore. It is protected by mountains from cold continental winds. G.'s climate is characterized in very warm summer with dominance of a sunny weather and in very soft winter; annual average t ° 15,1 °; in July 23 °, in January 6 °. Relative humidity of air of 76%. An amount of precipitation for a year of 1410 mm, from them in warm season — 710 mm, in December — 160 mm. Number of hours of sunshine in a year 1830.

Medical factors — climate, sea bathings and slabosulfidny thermal mineral water of the following structure:

Sanatorium of Chelyuskins.

Mineral water is used in a balneolechebnitsa for bathtubs, inhalations and irrigations. Sea bathings — from a half of May until the end of October — a half of November. In G. there are numerous sanatoria, boarding houses, rest houses, tourist centers, all-resort policlinic, the beach.

Indications: it is not higher than I stage of a disease of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency, disbolism, functional diseases of c. N of page (excepting a hot season), and also the combination of the above-stated diseases to diseases of bodies of the movement and a support of not tubercular character, skin and gynecologic diseases, at to-rykh is shown treatment by sulfide waters.

In more detail indications, and also contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection (table).

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A. L. Grigoliya.