GAGMAN Alexander Nikolaevich

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GAGMAN Alexander Nikolaevich

GAGMAN Alexander Nikolaevich (1871 — 1935) — the Soviet urologist. Ended in 1893 physical. - a mat. f-t, and in 1896 — Moscow un-that also worked with medical f-t till 1911 in the surgical clinic un-that run by A. A. Bobrov. In 1902 protected dokt, the thesis about a diffuse inflammation of a peritoneum and was entitled the privatdozent. In the subsequent studied urology in F. I. Sinitsyn's clinic in Moscow, and also in clinics of Berlin and Paris.

Since 1909 along with work in un-those directed department of the general surgery of the Moscow high female courses (afterwards the 2nd MSU). Since 1924 and until the end of life was the research supervisor State radiological in-that, in the organization to-rogo was directly involved.

A. N. Gagman — one of founders of surgical urology in our country, the author of 54 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of radiodiagnosis of surgical and urological diseases, and also tuberculosis and malignant new growths of bodies of urinogenital system. It one of the first in Russia applied a x-ray method to recognition of stones of kidneys and was a hot propagandist of use of this method in urology; offered for radiodiagnosis of diseases of kidneys bromine - or an iodsilver gelatinous emulsion, fixed white in aqueous solution gelatin; one of the first in the country applied peroral introduction of a yodtetragnost to the cholecystography. He is the author of the first Russian of «The guide to a tsistoskopiya» (1908), the coauthor of the management «Operational urology» (under the editorship of S. P. Fedorov and R. M. Fronstein, 1934).

A. N. Gagman at the II congress of the Soviet urologists (1927) made the program report on a problem of «A tumor of a bladder»; was a founder member of the Moscow society of urologists.

Works: Diagnosis and surgical treatment of diffuse acute inflammations of a peritoneum, yew., M., 1901; Management of a tsistoskopiya, M., 1908; Operational urology, under the editorship of S. P. Fedorov and R. M. Fronstein, M. — L., 1934 (bus of a number of heads).

Bibliography: Carlin M. I. Prof. A. N. Gagman, Klien, medical, t. 13, No. 12, page 1915, 1935; Pytel A. Ya. Alexander Nikolaevich Gagman (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Urol. and nefrol., No. 5, page, 53, 1971.

A. Ya. Pytel.