GABRICHEVSKY Georgy Norbertovich

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GABRICHEVSKY Georgy Norbertovich

GABRICHEVSKY Georgy Norbertovich (1860 — 1907) — the Russian doctor, one of founders of domestic microbiology. Ended in 1884 medical f-t Moscow un-that where began to work as the assistant to the prosector at department of physiology.

In 1888 protected dokt, the thesis about excitability of muscles. Later was an intern, and then at Moscow un-those» In 1889 — 1891 was engaged in the assistant to therapeutic propaedeutic clinic in bacteriology and hematology at I. I. Mechnikov, E. Ra, R. Koch, P. Ehrlich. In 1891 created at therapeutic clinic un-that bacterial. the laboratory reorganized in 1895 in Bacteriological by in-t, the Crimea directed until the end of life. Since 1892 the Russia's first systematic course of bacteriology for students and doctors began to read in Moscow un-those.

The main scientific works of G. N. Gabrichevsky are devoted to studying of scarlet fever, diphtheria, a typhinia, malaria, plague and a nek-eye to questions of the general bacteriology. Big merits belong to G. N. Gabrichevsky in development of methods of a seroimmunity and serotherapy of diphtheria and scarlet fever. It the first in Russia began production of antidiphtherial serum and together with N. F. Filatov in 1894 successfully applied it to treatment of diphtheria.

Being a supporter of a streptococcal etiology of scarlet fever, he offered for specific prevention of this disease the killed antiscarlatinal vaccine prepared from the streptococci allocated from blood of patients with scarlet fever.

G. N. Gabrichevsky together with G. A. Levental in 1891 offered serological test for diagnosis of a typhinia. G. N. Gabrichevsky proved the leading role of antibacterial agents of body tissues in destruction of spirochetes of a typhinia that was recognized afterwards by I. I. Mechnikov. G. N. Gabrichevsky, upholding the theory of transfer of malaria mosquitoes, organized 3 expeditions on studying of malaria and fight against it. He is a founder of the first Russian Bacteriological society. The bacterial created by it, a circle (1897) grew in Department of bacteriology of society of fans of natural sciences and ethnography, and then there was Russian a bacterial, society in Moscow. In 1905 at the initiative of G. N. Gabrichevsky the Union of the Russian university and public bacteriological institutes and laboratories was created. He was a chairman (since 1904) Pirogovsky about-va doctors and headed the commission of this society on studying of malaria.

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