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Frances's RAUS (Rous Francis Peyton, 1879 — 1970) — the American pathologist, the member of National academy of Sciences (USA) and many other academies and science foundations.

Frances's RAUS

After the termination of medical school at un-those John Hopkins taught pathology in Michigan un-those. In 1905 received degree of the doctor of medicine. Since 1909 and until the end of life F. Raus worked in Rock Feller in-those medical researches (New York) as the assistant, the member in-that and since 1945 the honorary member in-that.

F. Raus is an author apprx. 300 scientific works. In 1911 F. Raus established that fusocellular sarcoma of hens can be postponed to other birds of the same closed line not only by means of transplantation of cells, but also by an injection of acellular filtrates of a tumor, viruliferous, called Raus's virus. This opening was the first experimental certificate in favor of a virus etiology of malignant tumors. In the subsequent the virus of sarcoma of Raus began to be applied widely as model to studying of mechanisms of a virus carcinogenesis at the cellular and molecular levels.

T. By Raus it was established that immunity to a virus and a tumor cell is caused by different mechanisms. It developed blood-substituting solution (Raus's solution — Turner). F. Raus was one of organizers of creation of banks of blood. It conducted a comparative research of the virusindutsirovanny and chemically induced tumors and existence of a synergism in operation of a virus of papilloma of Shoup of rabbits and coal tar is established.

F. Raus was the chairman of the advisory board Ying-that Sloan-Kottering on studying of cancer and the editor of «The magazine of experimental medicine» (Journal of Experimental Medicine). In 1966 F. Raus got the Nobel Prize on physiology and medicine.

Works: A sarcoma of the fowl transmissible by an agent separable from the tumor cells, J. exp. Med., v. 13, p. 397, 1911; Resistance to a tumor-producing agent as distinct from resistance to the implanted tumor cells, Observations with a sarcoma of the fowl, ibid., v. 18, p. 416, 1913; The progression to carcinoma of virus-induced rabbit papillomas (Shope), ibid., v. 62, p. 523, 1935 (sovm. with Beard J. W.); The activating, transforming, and carcinogenic effects of the rabbit papilloma virus (Shope) upon implanted tar tumors, ibid., v. 71, p. 787, 1940 (sovm. with Kidd J. G.); The challenge to man of the neoplastic cell, Cancer Res., v. 27, p. 1919, 1967.

Bibliography: Les prix Nobel en 1966, p. 102, Stockholm, 1967; Me Carty M. Peyton Rous 1879 — 1970, Trans. Ass. Amer. Phycns, v. 83, p. 32, 1970.

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