Frédéric's RYUYSH

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Frédéric's RYUYSH (Ruysch Frederik, 1638 — 1731) — the Dutch doctor and the anatomist; the member of the German academy «Leopoldina» (1705), London royal about-va (1720), the Parisian academy of Sciences (1727).

Frédéric's RYuYSh

In youth worked as the pharmaceutical pupil in the Hague, got medical education in Leiden. In 1664 defended the dissertation about pleurisy and it was invited to Amsterdam for lecturing on anatomy in guild of surgeons. In 1672 it is appointed the lecturer on obstetrics, in 1679 was entitled the judicial physician, since 1685 — professor of botany; combined all these duties until the end of life.

F. Ryuysh invented a way of embalming, at Krom of a part of a body kept the normal size and natural color, reached perfection in the equipment of an injection of vessels the hardening weight (the painted wax) and mercury, created the rich anatomic museum. In 1717 F. Ryuysh sold the collection of anatomic drugs to Peter I, to-ry during the stay in Amsterdam attended his lectures and the museum. Considerable part of this collection (apprx. 900 drugs) is stored until now in Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Leningrad (the former Cabinet of curiosities), separate drugs are in the anatomic museums VMA and Kazan medical in-that.

Having used a method of an injection, F. Ryuysh proved existence of valves in limf, vessels, one of the first described bronchial arteries (bronchial branches of a chest part of an aorta. T.) and their anastomosis with pulmonary arteries, vortikozny veins of an eyeglobe (a ryuysheva of a vein); opened the central artery of a retina; allocated a vascular and capillary plate of a choroid of an eyeglobe (a ryuyshev a membrane), a circular muscle of an uterine fundus (a ryuyshev a muscle), vomeronasal body, limf, small knots of a small bowel; offered an explanation on the example of a thyroid gland of secretion of glands. It published also series of observations in the area patol. anatomy.

Works: Dilucidatio valvularum in vasis lymphaticis et lacteis, Hagoe-Com., 1665; Thesaurus anatomicus, Amsteloedami, 1701 — 1716; Opera omnia anamomico-medico-chirurgica, Amsteloedami, 1721 — 1742.

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