Frédéric's GOPKINS

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Frédéric's GOPKINS (Hopkins Frederick Gowland, 1861 — 1947) — the English biochemist. Ended medical f-t London un-that in 1894. Taught since 1898 chemical physiology in Cambridge, and since 1914 headed department of biochemistry in the same place.

Frédéric's GOPKINS

F. Gopkins is the author of St. 130 scientific works. He developed (1891 — 1893) titirimetric methods of definition uric to - you which found broad application in laboratories. Being engaged since 1898 in allocation of proteic matters and studying of staining reaction of Adamke-vich, together with S. W. Cole opened and emitted tryptophane (1903). F. Gopkins conducted researches on «accessory factors of food» in which he repeated unfairly the forgotten experiments of the Russian scientist N. I. Lunin, for the first time (1880) established existence of the vitamins called so in 1912 according to K. Funk's proposal. F. Gopkins revealed food value of some amino acids (1906 — 1921), emitted glutathione, studied its structure, properties and a role in biol, oxidation of a series of compounds (1921 — 1923). In 1929 to it together with X. Eykman awarded the Nobel Prize for discovery of the vitamins stimulating growth.

F. Gopkins with Fletcher (W. The m of Fletcher) established that it at muscle work in anaerobic conditions in it in parallel with the developing exhaustion collects milk to - that. This work laid the foundation for studying of chemistry of muscular contraction.

For works in the field of F. Gopkins's biochemistry it was built in the personal nobility with a rank «sir» and it is elected the chairman of the London «Royal society» (Royal Society).

Works: On the estimation of uric acid in the urine (Hopkins’ method), J.Path. Bakt., y. 1, p. 451, 1892—1893; Contribution to the chemistry of proteids, J.Physiol. (Lond.), v. 27, p. 418, 1901; Lactic acid in amphibian muscle, ibid., v. 35, p. 247, 1907 (sovm. with Fletcher W. M); Glutatione, reinvestigation, J. biol. Chem., v. 84, p. 269, 1929.

Bibliography: Hopkins and biochemistry (1861 — 1947), ed. by J. Needham a. E. Baldwin, Cambridge, 1949.

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