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FYODOROV Sergey Petrovich (1869 — 1936) is an outstanding domestic surgeon, zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1928).

In 1891 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, then worked in A. A.

Bobrov's clinic. In 1895 protected dokt. thesis «Experimental clinical trial

on tetanus». From 1903 to 1936 headed department of hospital surgical clinic of Army medical college. Along with 1926 for 1933 Ying volume of surgical neuropathology directed (nowadays Leningrad research neurosurgical in-t of A. L. Polenov of M3 of RSFSR).

S. P. Fedorov is the author of St. 120 scientific works. At the beginning of scientific / activity dealt with issues of bacteriology and immunology. In 1892 he for the first time in Russia prepared and applied cholera antitoxin, then a tetanin and antitoxin to treatment of patients, established that antitoxin protects from a disease of tetanus if it is entered along with toxin. In 1893 he prepared medical antitetanic serum. Abroad

S. P. Fedorov studied at K. Shimmel-bush system of an aseptic way of operating, and at L. Casper — a technique of a tsistoskopiya and catheterization of ureters and other endoscopic methods which appeared at that time. S. P. Fedorov developed new operations — a piyelotomiya of in situ, a subkapsulyarny nephrectomy (see the Nephrectomy), new surgical instruments are offered. He is called by right the father of the Russian urology (see Urology).

The main direction of scientific activity of S. P. Fedorov were problems of surgery of uric and bilious ways. It generalized extensive experience of the surgeon in «The atlas of a tsistoskopiya and rektoskopiya» (1911), the management «Surgery of kidneys and ureters» (1923 — 1925), in the monograph «Gallstones and Surgery of Bilious Ways» (1918).

S. P. Fedorov paid a lot of attention also to surgery of an abdominal cavity, especially surgeries of a stomach.

In the field of surgery of a skull it was attracted by questions of the technology of trepanation, operations on a gasserovy node, a hypophysis, surgical treatment of tumors of a brain. It possesses several works on surgery of a backbone and tumors of a spinal cord. For treatment of patients with malignant tumors S. P. Fedorov used again appearing methods, in particular a roentgenotherapy. In its clinic the mobile X-ray apparatus for radiation of a surgery field during removal of tumors was established, and also methods of treatment of new growths by fulguration — the method close to diathermocoagulation, and currents of high frequency offered at the end of the first are approved and at the beginning of the second decade of 20 century S. P. Fedorov one of the first began to apply an intravenous (gedonalovy) anesthesia. Under its management for the first time in the USSR development of problems of hemotransfusion (see), operations on a sympathetic nervous system and studying of trophic ulcer processes began. In the last years of life it was occupied by problems of surgery peripheral and the central nervous system.

S. P. Fedorov developed the best traditions of the Russian clinical schools, harmoniously combining extensive practical experience with strictly scientific approach. As the surgeon S. P. Fedorov always differed in the extraordinary clearness of the work which is based on fine knowledge of anatomy and all features of pathological process.

The organization by it together with Ya. O. Galperi of the edition of the surgical magazine «New Surgical Archive», on the substance of the first Soviet surgical magazine created in difficult years of Civil war and post-war ruin was an important merit of S. P. Fedorov before domestic surgery. He was an editor of 1 prod. BME, together with S. S. Gere-golavom and And. V. Martynov was an editor of the multivolume «Guide of practical surgery».

S. P. Fedorov created large domestic surgical school, from a cut there were dozens of specialists, heads of surgical departments of medical in-t in various cities of the USSR. The name of S. P. Fedorov is appropriated to department of hospital surgery of VMA of S. M. Kirov.

He the first of the Soviet surgeons was awarded by the Order of Lenin (1933).

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