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z and with t y x covers (a synonym a fuzo-spirochetosis) — the gangrenous and ulcer and lozhnoplenochny damages of skin and mucous membranes caused by a spindle-shaped bacterium of Plaut — Vincent in symbiosis with Vincent's spirochete.

A spindle-shaped bacterium of Plaut — Vincent — Fusobacterium fusi-

of FUKOZA 447

forme (see. Spindle-shaped bacterium), spirochete of Borrelia vincenti and treponemas, ?blizky to it, e.g. Tr. buccal, Tr. refringens (see Spirochetes), belong to saprophytes of an oral cavity and generative organs. They are found also in cankers at a carcinoma cutaneum and mucous membranes in the absence of signs of an inflammation. Pathogeny F. it is not clear. One researchers claim that microorganisms pathogens only in symbiosis in the presence of the previous inflammatory changes of fabrics or at disturbance of resistance of an organism (see). Others believe that microorganisms in such symbiosis have independent pathogenic value since as a result of it toxin with active gangreniziruyushchy action is emitted.

Most often defeats are localized on men's generative organs in the form of an erosive krugovidny balanitis, an erosive balanoposthitis (see the Balanitis, a balanoposthitis). various gangrenous and ulcer processes, including Fournier's gangrene (see Fournier gangrene). Much less often external genitals at women are surprised. At the same time the erosive and ulcer and necrotic vulvitis is observed (see the Vulvovaginitis)', other sites of skin, preferential folds also can be involved in process. K F. also Simanovsky's quinsy — Plauta — Vincent belongs (see Quinsy).

Treatment is carried out by antibiotics — inside and outwardly (in the form of ointments). Locally apply also desinfectants (potassium permanganate, Rivanolum, hydrogen peroxide).

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