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FUZIDYN (Fusidinum, synonym: Fusi-dic Acid, Fucidin) — the antibiotic produced by Fusidium coccineum.

T. it was received in 1962, it is applied in the form of sodium (to intake) and diethanolamine (to intravenous administration) salts, well water soluble. Total formula of sodium salt of Fusidinum C31H47 Na06, pier. weight (weight) 516,7.

T. — crystal powder, white with a yellowish shade, on a chemical structure is close to steroid hormones (tetracycline triter-foams). T. possesses the following range of antimicrobic action: the hl influences. obr. on gram-positive and gram-negative cocci (staphylococcus, gonokokk, to a lesser extent streptococci and pneumococci), and also korinebakteriya, many strains of listeriya, clostridiums and mycobacteria. T. it is active concerning the stafilokokk steady against other antibiotikakhm — bin-zilpenitsillinu, to tetracyclines, erythromycin. At the same time activity F. remains at low values of the minimum overwhelming concentration (0,04 — 0,1 mkg/ml).

T. — inhibitor of synthesis of protein at the level of transfer of amino acids on ribosomes, affects a microbic cell bacteriostatically. Strengthening of antimicrobic action (synergism) and delay of formation of stable forms of activators is observed at a combination F. with bin-zilpenitsillinom (see Penicillin), macroleads (see) and rifampicin (see Rifamycinums). T. it is well soaked up at intake, does not collapse in acid medium of a stomach, provides high and it is long remaining (to 24 hours) concentration in blood, in significant amounts gets into fabrics and bodies (lungs, kidneys, bones, cartilages, connecting fabric), in the inflammatory centers and pus it is also found in high concentration. Fusidinum of hl is allocated. obr. with bile.

The main indications for use F. sepsis, endocarditises, osteomyelitis, the damages of skin and soft tissues caused by stafilokokka (see), including steady against other antibiotics are. Considering a synergism, T. appoint with Methicillinum, erythromycin, rimfampitsiny, especially in cases of the diseases caused by multiple and steady stafilokokka.

T. apply hl. obr. inside in the form of tablets and suspensions, and also intravenously in solutions and locally in the form of ointment or gel. Sodium salt of Fusidinum is appointed inside the adult on 0,5 g by 3 times a day within 6 — 12 days. Dietano lamino-vy salt of Fusidinum is entered intravenously kaiyelno, a daily dose for adult 1,5 g.

By-effects at appointment F. are observed seldom. Perhaps irritation went. - kish. path (eructation, nausea, diarrhea), seldom allergic phenomena.

Sodium salt of Fusidinum is produced in tablets on 0,25 and 0,5 g or in the form of suspension for children in a bottle. Diethanolamine salt of Fusidinum — for intravenous injections in bottles on 0,25 and 0,5 g. Bibliography: N and in and sh and S. M. N and F ohms and N and I. P. Rational antibioticotherapia, page 157, etc., M., 1982.

S. M. Navashin.