FURSIKOV Dmitry Stepanovich

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FURSIKOV Dmitry Stepanovich (1893 — 1929) is the Soviet physiologist.

In 1913 arrived on natural department Novorossiysk un-that (Odessa), in a year passed into VMA, to-ruyu ended in 1919. Still worked as the student in physiological laboratory I. II.

Pavlova. Under the direction of JI. A.

Orbeli studied mechanisms of neuromuscular transmission. The volunteer was involved in Civil war. Since 1920 the assistant to department of physiology in Ying-those physical culture of a name 11. F. Lesgafta, since 1922 the assistant the manager. physiological laboratory in Ying-those experimental medicine. In 1925 was the first director of the communistic education organized by it Ying-that higher nervous activity at Academy in Moscow. Since 1926 professor pedagogical f-that the 2nd MSU and the manager. physiological department Medicobiological in-that.

The main works D. S. Foo of a yard is new were are devoted to a research of conditioned reflexes (see). Studying of processes of mutual induction in a cerebral cortex, influences of pregnancy on conditioned reflexes is connected with his name.

D. S. Fursikov the first began to make experiments but to studying of conditioned reflexes on monkeys. In the last years of life he paid much attention to a research of compound instinctive reflexes and emotions.

In 1923 organized in Pyatigorsk, and in 1925 in Zheleznovodsk laboratories on studying of influence of mineral waters on processes of digestion.

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(sovm. with Yurman M. N.).

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