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FURAGYN (Furaginum, synonym: faugh-razidin, etc.; joint venture. B) — antibacterial substance derivative of nitrofuran.] \[-(5-Nitro-2-furil) - allilidenamino-hydantoin; C10HFN4O5:

Yellow or inodorous orange-yellow fine-crystalline powder, bitterish taste. We will dissolve in water and alcohol very little.

In medical practice also potassium salt F is applied., having the name «furagin soluble» (Fu-raginum solubile, a synonym: solafur, Fu-raginum-Kalium), edges on antibacterial properties F corresponds. Red powder of bitter taste, we will dissolve in water and alcohol a little, it is hygroscopic.

T. affects gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including strains, resistant to antibiotics and streptocides. Decrease in sensitivity of microorganisms to F. develops slowly. At intake to 6% of the entered dose F. it is allocated with urine in not changed look. Intravenous administration of a furagin soluble allows to create quickly rather high concentration of drug in blood.

T. apply hl. obr. for treatment of infections of uric ways (acute and hron. pyelonephritises, cystitis, prostatitises, uretrita, infections of urinogenital system after operative measures). Appoint inside after food the adult 0,1 — 0.2 g 2 — 3 times a day. Course of treatment

of 7 — 10 days.

Furagin soluble apply at heavy inf. the diseases caused by the stafilokokka, streptococci, colibacillus and other activators sensitive to drug (sepsis, wound fevers, pneumonia, inflammatory diseases of uric ways, a mephitic gangrene). Enter in intravenously drop way within 3 — 4 hour. A daily dose for adult 300 — 500 ml of 0,1% of solution. On a course of treatment — 3 — 5 injections. Solutions are prepared just before introduction.

T. apply also locally in the form of solution in concentration 1:13 000 to washings and syringings in surgical and obstetric ginekolo-gicheskoy to practice. In Ophthalmolum. practician F. apply in the form of eye drops (1:13 000) to treatment of conjunctivitis and a keratitis, and also in the preoperative and postoperative periods.

Side effect F. it is shown by dispeptic frustration and allergic reactions. A contraindication to use F. the intolerance of drugs of a nitrofuran row is.

Form of release: powder, tablets on 0,05 Mr. Furagin soluble release in the form of powder. Storage: in the dry, protected from light place.

See also Nitrofurans. Bibliography: Furagin and solafur, Riga,

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A. A. Kimenis.