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FURATsILYN (Furacilinum; synonym: Furacin, Flavazone, Furaldon, Fu-rosem, Nitrofural, Nitrofurazon, Vit-rocin, etc.; GFH, joint venture. B) — antibacterial agent derivative of nitrofuran. 5 Nitrofurfurals semicarbazone; CcHGN404: lo we will dissolve in water (1:4200), the pier is a little alcohol-soluble, insoluble on air, / sptg 230 — 236 °. weight (weight) 198,14.

Affects gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococci, a dysenteric stick, colibacillus, activators of a paratyphoid, gas gangrene, etc.). It is effective concerning bacteria, resistant to antibiotics.

After peroral introduction F. it is found in blood in much smaller concentration, than other derivatives of nitrofuran. Part F. contacts blood proteins. It is allocated with urine, hl. obr. in the form of metabolites.

Apply generally outwardly to treatment of purulent wounds (see Wounds, wounds), decubituses (see) and ulcers (see), burns of II and III degrees (see Burns). Water solutions F. use also for washing of a pleural cavity after suction of pus and for washing of adnexal nasal cavities. For treatment of conjunctivitis F. appoint in the form of eye drops.

For external use F. use in the form of 0,02% (1:5000) water solutions, 0,066% (1:1500) spirit solutions or 0,2% of ointment. For processing of small skin wounds use also drug Furaplastum (Furaplastum) containing Furacilin, polyvinyl chloride post chlorinated and solvents.

Drug is appointed sometimes for intake at bacterial dysentery on 0,1 g of 4 — 5 times a day within 5 — 6 days. It is possible to conduct the second year of treatment in

3 — 4 days — on 0,1 g 4 times a day within 3 — 4 days. However by efficiency at this disease F. significantly concedes to furasolidone and a furagin.

The highest doses for adults inside: one-time 0,1 g, daily

0,5 g. At external use side effect F. the hl can be shown. obr. dermatitis, and at the internal use — dispeptic frustration and allergic rashes. In cases of prolonged use F. development of symptoms of a vitamin deficiency of group B is possible that is caused by suppression of saprophytic intestinal microflora. Sometimes F. can cause neuritis, an atrophy of testicles. For the treatment and prevention caused F. neuritis and a vitamin deficiency apply niacinamide (see Niacin), thiamin (see) and cyanocobalamine (see).

It is contraindicated at hypersensitivity to nitrofurans and renal failures.

Form of release: powder, tablets on 0,02 g for preparation of solutions, tablets on 0,1 g for internal use. Storage: in the cool, protected from light


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