FUNK of Kazimezh

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FUNK of Kazimezh (Funk Kazimierz, 1884 — 1967) — the Polish biochemist, one of founders of vitaminology.

In 1904 graduated from chemical faculty un-that in Bern. Worked in Pasterovskom in-those in Paris (1904 — 1906), in Berlin un-those for E. Fischer (1906—1907, 1909—1911), in Wiesbaden (1907 — 1908), Listerovsky in-those in London (1911 — 1912), headed biochemical department in Cancer clinical research in-those (London,

1913 — 1915), then was the head of pharmaceutical firm and would teach in To l at m and y with to ohm un-that (USA). In 1923 — 1927 directed biochemical department of the Warsaw school of hygiene, biochemical department of Rock Feller fund in Warsaw; in 1928 — 1939 headed laboratory in Paris; since 1936 at the same time the consultant of Vitamin corporation of the USA. After the beginning of World War II moved to the USA; since 1953 was the president of Scientific fund of Funk for medical researches.

K. Funk is the author of St. 200 publications on problems of biochemistry of food, vitaminology, biochemistry of hormones. Along with S. A. Sosin, X. Eykma-nom, F. Gopkins, Osborn (T. V. Osborne) and Mendel (L. Century of Mendel) was engaged in studying of the vitamins (see) for the first time found by N. I. Lunin (1880). During work in Listerovskom in-those he emitted the drug curing beriberi (see) from yeast and found in it a pirimidinovy ring and an amino group. On the basis of presence at drug of an amino group offered the term «vitamins» in 1911, believing that all these vital food factors are amines. K. Funk developed a hypothesis that a scurvy (see), a pellagra (see), rickets (see) and some other diseases are caused by deficit in an organism of vitamins and offered for them the term «avitaminosis». The most important of its works — the book «Vitamins» (1914) sustained a number of editions and was transferred to the USSR. It drew with the works attention to a research of vitamins, promoted development of methods of release of polyneuramins a pure look and studying of their chemical structure, prevention and treatment of a vitamin deficiency by means of vitamin drugs.

Works: On the chemical nature of the substance which cures polyneuritis in birds induced by a diet of polisched rice, J. Physiol. (Lond.), v. 43, p. 395, 1911; The etiology of the deficiency diseases, J. State Med., v. 20, p. 341, 1912; Die Vitamine, 1st prod., Wiesbaden, 1914, 3 prod., Miin-chen, 1924 (Russian lane, M., 1922).

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