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FUNGITsYDY (fungicidum, singular; lat. a mushroom + caedere to kill with fungus) — the chemical means intended for fight against the diseases of plants caused by fungi.

Organic and inorganic compounds, various on structure and the mechanism of action, have fungicidal properties. To number active F. the nek-ry heterocyclic compounds derivative of guanidine, carbamic, tio-and dithiocarbamic to - the t, naphthenates, organotin connections derivative of a ftalamid, organic compounds of mercury, nitrophenolic compounds, organophosphorous connections, quaternary ammonium compounds, nek-ry antibiotics, inorganic compounds (cupriferous, sulfur-containing and ferriferous drugs) belong. T. apply to processing of plants during vegetation by entering into the soil (soil fungicides) and to a protravlivaniye of seeds.

Degree of toxicity for the person of r of animals different F. it is various. Organic compounds of mercury (see) and tin (see), derivatives of dinitrophenol (see), nek-ry phosphorus organic compounds are most toxic (see). Hexachlorobenzene can cause heavy disturbances of porphyrinic exchange. Dithiocarbamates exponentiate effect of alcohol. Nek-rye F. possess mutagen, cancerogenic, teratogenic action. Row F. (organochlorine compounds, etc.) differ in the increased firmness; they slowly collapse in biol. Wednesdays that creates danger of their accumulation in water, the soil, plants. Use F. in agriculture it is strictly regulated by special rules, limited to specific cultures, terms, consumption rates, frequency rate of use. Maximum allowable concentrations of fungicides in air of a working zone, in water and food stuffs, and nek-ry F are established. — also in the soil, forages of animals and free air. In more detail about toxicity, working conditions with F. and measures of protection see in article Pesticides.


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