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FUMIGANTS — the chemicals applied in the form of vapors or gases to fight against agricultural wreckers and causative agents of diseases of plants; have high toxicity.

T. process vehicles, elevators, mills, warehouses, greenhouses, hotbeds, page - x. products (generally grain), soil, holes of rodents etc. As F. use gases and highly volatile toxic connections: chloropicrin (see. The irritating toxic agents) and a dichloroethane (see) — for disinfecting of rooms, the soil, grain; carbon sulfur (see) in mix with perchloromethane (see), methallyl chloride — for processing of grain; cyanhydric acid (see) — for disinfecting of rooms, fight against rodents, processing of quarantine material; methyl bromide (see) — for processing of rooms, grain, quarantine objects, formalin (see) — for processing of greenhouses and vegetable storehouses; perchlorobutadiene — for processing of the soil; carat-bation, mix of dichlorpropane and di-hlorpropena, thiazone — for processing of the soil in greenhouses; other drugs.

Due to the high toxicity for the person and animals of the majority F. processing of objects by them is carried out only with the permission of bodies a dignity. - epid. services. For all the time of work protection of an object shall be provided. Strangers in a zone of fumigation (fumigating) are not allowed. Fumigating of objects near inhabited and production rooms is forbidden. Works with F. carry out specially trained crews as a part of

not less than 3 people, to-rykh provide with gas masks (see) and other individual protection equipment. After the end of fumigation of rooms it is allowed to enter them only in gas masks. Decontamination of objects is carried out by airing. Most part F. vzryvo-it is also flammable therefore nek-ry of them use with fire-extinguishing additives.

For all F., allowed for use in the USSR, the maximum allowable concentration of content in air of a working zone are established (see Pesticides) and chemical methods of their definition in air are developed. For F., the greenhouses applied to processing, vegetable storehouses, grain, admissible residual contents in foodstuff is established.

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