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FUELLEBORN Friedrich (Fulleborn Friedrich, 1866 — 1933) is the German parasitologist.

Since 1901 worked in Hamburg in-those tropical diseases, holding a position the manager. helmintologic department, since 1930 the director in-that, at the same time professor Hamburg un-that.

F. Fyulleborn is the author of the St. 100 scientific works devoted to studying of spirochetes, protozoa and helminths. He studied morphology of microfilarias and a cycle of their development in a body of intermediate owners (mosquitoes) in detail, developed questions of diagnosis, clinic, epidemiology, geographical distribution and chemotherapy of filariases (see). F. Fyulleborn entered a number of helmintologic methods of a research, many from to-rykh apply in diagnosis of helminthoses and now, napr, floatation ways of identification of eggs of parasites.

He studied problems of hematogenous migration of larvae of ascarids, it possesses the works devoted to an experimental intraurethral invasion at an ascaridosis (1921), to ways of migration of ascarids (1922), the capacity of circulatory capillaries for larvae of nematodes and to their advance with the participation of a ciliary epithelium of respiratory tracts (1925) and also migrations of larvae of intestinal ug-ritsa, ankylostomas and ascarids in a body of the owner. In 1925 — 1926 F. Fyulleborn published works on physiology of larvae of ankylostomas and intestinal ugritsa and about a specific dermatosis at implementation in an organism of larvae of intestinal ugritsa.

Works: tjber die Durchlassigkeit der Blutka-pillaren fiir Nematodenlarven beziehungs-weise fiir unbewegliche Korper von ahnli-cher Dicke, sowie iiber den Transport sol-cher Gebilde durch das Flimmerepithel der Luftwege, Lpz., 1925; tfber das Verhalten der Larven von Strongyloides stercoralis, Hakenwiirmer und Ascaris lumbricoides im Korper des Wirtes und ein Yersuch, es bio-logisch zu deuten, Arch. Schiffs-u. Tropen-hyg., Bd 31, Beiheft 2, S. 147, 1927; Fila-riosen des Menschen, Handb. pathogen. Mikroorgan., hrsg. v. W. Kolle u. a., Bd 6, T. 2, S. 1043, Jena u. a., 1929; Haut und Helininthen, Handb. Haut-u. Geschl. - Kr., hrsg. v. J. Jadassohn, Bd 12, T. 1, S. 708, B., 1932.

Bibliography: Scriabin K. II. Pas

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