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FUCHS Ernst (Fuchs Ernst, 1851 — 1930) is the Austrian ophthalmologist.

Ended Vienna un-t, worked in surgical clinic of T. Bil-rot, and since 1876 — in clinic Arles-that (Page F. R. Arlt).

Since 1880 professor of ophthalmology in Liege; in 1885 headed eye clinic in Vienna, the cut was the head within 30 years.

E. Fuchs published apprx. 250 scientific works. It for the first time described a pathoanatomical picture of a sympathetic ophthalmia, is allocated as a nosological form of a diktiom (see). Name E. Fuchs is carried by a symptom of paresis of a third cranial nerve, the pigmental center of dark color in the field of a macula lutea after hemorrhages — a black spot of Fuchs (see Gemoftaljm), and also the syndrome of not clear etiology which is shown a geterokhroniy iris (see the Heterochromia), a cataract and dystrophic changes of a ciliary body. He is the author of the «Guide to eye diseases» translated in 1932 to Russian.

Works: Die periphere Atrophie des Sehner-ven, Albrecht v. Graefes Arch. Ophthal., Bd 31, 1. Abt., S. 177, 1885;

Keratitis punctata superficialis, Wien. klin. Wschr.,

S. 837, 1889; Lehrbuch der Augenheilkunde, Lpz. — Wien, 1889 (Russian lane, M., 1932).

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