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FUKSINOFYLNY DEGENERATION (+ Greek phileo to love fuchsin; degeneration; a synonym acidophilic dystrophy) — the damage of cardiomyocytes which is coming to light at microscopic examination by means of coloring by magenta acid.

The term is offered G. Selje in the 50th: are 20 century old for designation of early: forms of metabolic damages of the cardiomyocytes found after a preliminary protravlivaniye gistol. cuts phosphatotungstic to - that and coloring by their fuchsin (see).

T. meets at intoxications of various origin, disturbances of hormonal and electrolytic exchange, the raised muscular exercise, a hypoxia of various genesis, inflammatory and immune disturbances. T. is more often observed at the proteinaceous dystrophies (see. Proteinaceous dystrophy) which are coming to an end with a coagulative necrosis (see).

At the heart of F. lie changes physical. - chemical properties of cytoplasm and organellas of cardiomyocytes, causing their affinity to acid dyes. Ability of the damaged cardiomyocytes to perceive fuchsin is connected with emergence in them as a result of a denaturation of proteins of free radicals (see Radicals free).

Comparison of coloring on the Selye with other gistol. by methods of a research demonstrates that its results are not constant, and degree of a fuchsinophilia not always authentically reflects weight of damage of cardiomyocytes. In a crust, time for morfol. diagnoses of damages of cardiomyocytes use CHIC reaction (see), coloring across Mallori more often (see Mallori methods), and also polarization microscopy (see. Microscopic methods of a research) and luminescent microscopy (see).

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