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FTORFENAZYN (Phthorphenazinum; synonym: Moditenum, Mirenil, Flufe-

nazin, Fluphenazini Hydrochlori-dum, Lyogen. Prolixin, Vespazin, etc.; joint venture. B) — neuroleptic. 2-Triftormet l-10-{ 3-[1 - (| 3

hydroxyethyl‘) - piperazinil-4] - propyl } - a fenotiazina dihydrochloride; C22H26 F3N30S.2HC1:

Crystal powder, white or white with a cream shade. On light reddens. Let's easily dissolve in water, it is difficult alcohol-soluble; / °pl 228 — 234 °; pier. weight (weight) 510,5.

Treats group of the derivatives of a fenotiazin (see) containing a shsherazinovy cycle in a side chain. Has high antipsychotic and antiemetic activity. In this respect surpasses others .proizvodny a fenotiazina. Like

other neuroleptics of piperazi-new group exerts the expressed impact on functions of striopallidal system of a brain (see. Extrapyramidal system), in this connection at use F. in clinic there can be extrapyramidal frustration.

Esters F. with enanthic or decanoic to-tami possess the prolonged action and treat so-called depot neuroleptics. So, ftorfenazin-dekanoat (Moditenum depot) after single intramuscular introduction in the form of oil solution is caused by antipsychotic effect lasting 1 — 3 week.

Apply F. preferential for treatment of different forms of schizophrenia (see) — a nuclear form with gallyu-tsinatorno-crazy, catatonic and other symptomatology, especially with affective frustration; paranoid schizophrenia, slow, etc.

In small doses F. sometimes apply at the neurotic frustration (see Neurosises) which are followed by the phenomena of fear, tension, alarm.

T. appoint inside and intramusculary. In an initiation of treatment drug is appointed inside in a daily dose of 0,001 — 0,002 g and gradually increase it to 0,01 — 0,02 — 0,03 g. The dose for a maintenance therapy makes 0,001 — 0,005 g a day. For treatment of neurosises F. appoint 0,001 — 0,002 g in a daily dose. The daily dose is divided into 3 — 4 receptions. Intramusculary F. enter on 0,5 ml 0,25% of Solution> gradually in the beginning increasing a dose to 3 — 4 ml of the same solution a day. Fgorfenazin-dekanoat enter intramusculary in the form of 2,5% of oil solution on 0,5 — 1 ml of 1 times into

2 — 3 weeks.

Side effect F. it is most often shown by extrapyramidal frustration with dominance of an akathisia (see. Psychopharmacological means). Sometimes F. causes convulsive and allergic reactions. At prolonged use F. and especially its depot drugs is possible development of permanent diskineti-chesky disturbances. It is contraindicated in the same cases, as other neuroleptics of a fenotiazinovy row (at acute diseases of blood, crushing inflammatory damages of a liver, a decompensation of cordial activity, etc.). -

Form of release: tablets on

0,001; 0,0025 and 0,005 g; 0,25% solution in ampoules on 1 ml. Storage: in the place protected from light.

See also Neuroleptics.

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