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FTORBENZOTEF (Phthorbenzoteph-um; synonym: Ftorbensothephum, A-23; joint venture. A) — antineoplastic means; N' ] H" - di (ethylene) - triamide of phosphoric acid concerns to group of the alkylating connections:

White crystal powder, inodorous, we will dissolve in water, isotonic solution of sodium chloride and alcohol. Solutions are not resistant, during the heating drug collapses.

T. on a structure and the mechanism of action it is close to Benzotephum (see). The mechanism of antineoplastic action consists in disturbance of exchange nucleinic to - t and a mitotic cycle of tumor cells.

T. has the known efficiency at metastasises of cancer of kidney (see), throat cancer (see), ovaries (see). T. apply also locally (by means of an electrophoresis) at treatment of a flatness of a leukoplakia of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity (see the Leukoplakia) and an erosive cheilitis


T. enter intravenously every other day. The single dose for adults makes 40 mg. Solution is prepared by ex tempore: contents of a bottle dissolve 96% of alcohol in 1 ml, and then add 19 ml of sterile isotonic solution of sodium chloride. Course dose of 400 — 600 mg. Treatment stop at decrease in quantity of leukocytes to 3,5 thousand in 1 mkl blood, and thrombocytes — to 120 thousand in 1 mkl blood. At falloff of quantity of leukocytes or thrombocytes carry out hemotransfusion or a leukocytic and platelet concentrate, appoint stimulators of a hemopoiesis, vitamins. Nausea, vomiting, hypostasis of phonatory bands, stomatitis, conjunctivitis can sometimes be observed.

Contraindication for appointment F. the cachexia, a leukopenia (less than 4 thousand in serve 1 mkl to blood) and thrombocytopenia (less than 150 thousand in 1 mkl blood), sharp anemia, hemorrhagic diathesis, serious associated diseases (active tuberculosis, sharp abnormal liver functions and kidneys, heavy cardiovascular insufficiency). Appointment F. after previous beam and chemotherapy it is admissible not earlier than in 1 month after a complete recovery of indicators of a hemopoiesis.

Form of release: in sterile

bottles on 0,04 g (40 mg).

Store in the cool place at a temperature not over 10 °. Shelf-life 1 year.

See also Antineoplastic means.

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