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FTORATsIZYN (Phthoracizinim; cn. B) — antidepressant and the proofreader of the extrapyramidal frustration arising at treatment by neuroleptics. 2-Triftormetil-10-(3-diethyl-aminopropionil) - a fenotiazina a hydrochloride; C20H21F3N2O.HC1:

White or with a weak creamy shade the crystal powder darkening on light. Let's difficult dissolve in water, it is easy — in alcohol; * °Sh1163 — 166 °; pier. weight (weight) 430,9. On a chemical structure F. it is close to neuroleptics (see) a feno-tiazinovy row, from to-rykh differs in existence of the acylic side chain attached to a nitrogen atom in the 10th provision of a fenotiazinovy kernel. T. — the structural analog of Chloracizinum (see), to-ry has antian-ginalny and antidepressive properties. Unlike the last F. contains in the 2nd provision of a fenotiazinovy kernel triftorme-tilny group instead of chlorine atom.

T. treats group of antidepressants of tricyclic structure (see Antidepressants) and on

an action spectrum it is in many respects similar to an imipramine (see) and amitriptyline (see). Like these drugs in an experiment strengthens and prolongs a fenaminovy stereotypy, weakens the katalepsy caused by neuroleptics, exponentiates effect of hexenal, has central and peripheral effect of m-holinoblo-kiruyushchee. Unlike an imipramine F. does not weaken the oppression of a physical activity caused by Reserpinum. T. does not influence the ABP and does not change the vascular reactions arising in response to introduction of sympathomimetics. Along with holinob varnishing F. possesses also spasmolytic, antihistaminic and slight antiarrhytmic action.

Psychotropic properties F. are characterized by a combination of timolepti-chesky (actually antidepressive) action with clearly the expressed sedation. In this regard at treatment by drug at patients in the beginning the phenomena of alarm, concern, tension, as a rule, disappear and only later the timoleptichesky effect expressed more weakly than at other tricyclic antidepressants is shown. Unlike an imipramine F. does not strengthen productive symptomatology. Thanks to m-holinoblokiruyushchim to properties F. weakens the extrapyramidal frustration (parkinsonism, dyskinesia, etc.) caused by neuroleptics.

Apply F. at endogenous depressions with the phenomena of alarm, the alarming depressions developing within maniac-depressive psychosis; at the schizophrenia proceeding with the expressed affective disturbances (fear, alarm, emotional pressure), the reactive and neurotic states which are followed by a depression and also at the depressions caused by neuroleptics and alarming depressions of vascular genesis. Besides, F. apply as the proofreader of the extrapyramidal disturbances caused by neuroleptics.

Appoint inside and intramusculary. The initial daily dose for adults inside makes 0,025 g in 2 — 3 receptions. The daily dose is gradually increased to 0,15 — 0,25 g. Intramusculary enter 0,025 g (2 ml of 1,25% of solution) of 1 — 2 time a day in the beginning and gradually increase a dose. For correction of extrapyramidal disturbances F. apply 0,01 — 0,06 g in daily doses, to-rye appoint in 1 — 2 intake, or 0,01 — 0,04 g a day intramusculary.

At treatment F. hypotension, weakness, nausea, extremity pains, dryness mucous about

Laks of a mouth, disturbance of accommodation, difficulty of an urination are possible.

It is contraindicated at abnormal liver functions and kidneys, a peptic ulcer of a stomach, glaucoma, adenoma of a prostate, atony of a bladder. T. it is impossible to apply along with monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

Form of release: tablets on 0,01 and 0,025 g and ampoules on 1 ml of 1,25% of solution. Storage: in the dry, protected from light place.

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