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the products containing various fruit (berries) and vegetables intended for baby and dietary food in the structure. They can be presented by separate types of fruit (berries) and vegetables or their various combinations made taking into account nutrition value and purpose of a product.

T. - lakes of page have a liquid or pyureobrazny consistence more often. To liquid F. - lakes of page carry clarified and not clarified (with pulp) juice. Fruit and vegetable purees happen three reduction ratioes: homogenized, wiped and in the form of small pieces. T. - lakes of page can be prepared in house" conditions, and also are issued the industry in big assortment (more than 150 names).

Juice from various fruit (berries) and vegetables in house conditions prepares just before the use with tselyo the maximum preservation of their nutrition value and especially vitamin structure. In house conditions also juice with more long term of storage at appropriate technology of their preparation can be prepared (conservation with pasteurization, etc.) * Shelf-lifes F. - the lake of the page prepared in industrial conditions are designated on the label.

Useful are F. - the lake of page from black and red currant, apples, a sea-buckthorn, a mountain ash, a gooseberry, pears, carrots, beet, a cauliflower, pumpkin, vegetable marrows, tomatoes, etc. Nutritional value of a fruit is defined by availability in it of vitamins, mineral substances, celluloses, organic to - t, the tannic and pectic substances necessary for the child for the correct growth and development, improvement of exchange processes, regulation of processes of digestion. Hips, a lemon, blackcurrant, a wild strawberry contain a large amount of redoxon. In berries of a sea-buckthorn. to a mountain ash, carrots a lot of carotene contains; in fruits of cherry and raspberry — magnesium; bananas and oranges — iodine; in fruits of cherry, pears and apples — copper; apples, carrots are rich with pectic substances; garnets, pears, a black-fruited mountain ash — tannic.

In food of children of the 1st year of life it is possible to use the juice prepared in house conditions and produced by the industry. About are entered into food of the child of the 1st year of life in a certain quantity and the strict sequence. The first (with 4 — 6 weeks age) are recommended to enter apple juice. From 1,5 — 2 months to the child appoint fresh apples puree, from 2 — 3 months juice from red and blackcurrant, pears, carrots, tomatoes. Gradually the range of juice is expanded (see Feeding of children). With 4Vo — 5 months include puree from various combinations of vegetables (vegetable marrows, beet, carrots, a color and white cabbage, potatoes) in a diet.

FRUCTOSE 431 F. - the lake of page — the obligatory component and in a food allowance of children is more senior than 1 year.

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F. - the lake of page in clinical nutrition. Juice appoints at anorexia (see) and hypotrophies (see) for the purpose of increase in secretion by digestive glands that promotes improvement of appetite and digestion of food. At anemia as the source of iron and other mineral substances participating in processes of a hemopoiesis use F. - the lake of page from bilberry, apples, a dogrose, a dried apricots, a persimmon, plums, a fig, a cornel, a quince, cherry. At rickets appoint rich with calcium and phosphorus F. - the lake of page from green peas, cherry, cowberry, cabbage, carrots. At acute went. - kish. frustration use the mixes prepared from carrots. Broad application was found by carrot soup of Moro. It to lay down. properties depend on the high content in it of potassium, and also the high-molecular carbohydrates having ability to swelling and adsorbing the toxicants which are formed in intestines of the sick child. At cardiovascular diseases for the purpose of elimination of acidosis and also as a source of potassium appoint F. - the lakes of page containing carrots, potatoes. apricots, peaches, dogrose. At gastritises with secretory insufficiency for stimulation of secretion of digestive glands widely use fruit and vegetable juice. At diseases of a liver and bilious ways are shown F. - the lakes of page having cholagogue effect (carrots, turnip) and also the mixes rich with redoxon. At a nephrolithiasis use F. - the lake of page poor in purines and oxalates, but rich with alkalis. Bananas, dried apricots, raisin, peaches, oranges, potatoes, carrots, cabbage concern to them.

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