FROMGOLD Egor Egorovich

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FROMGOLD Egor Egorovich (1881 — 1942) is the Soviet therapist, professor (1920).

In 1905 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, worked in faculty therapeutic clinic un-that under the leadership of V. D. Shervinsky and L. E. Golubini-n. In 1911 defended the dissertation on the subject «Research about Urobilin». Since 1911 the privatdozent, and since 1920 the director of clinic of medical diagnosis (later department and clinic of propaedeutics of internal diseases of the 1st MMI). It was improved in chemical laboratories and clinics of Germany, including at F. Krauss and Venke-bakha (To. Wenckebach).

E. E. Fromgold published the St. 30 scientific works devoted generally to problems of pathology of a metabolism, clinical biochemistry. In kliniko-pilot study it showed a role of the urobilinigen which is formed in intestines (see Urobilin) in an origin of an urobilinuria; a number of its subsequent works is devoted to studying of disturbances of pigmental exchange and a pathogeny of jaundice. Under its management studying (including on volunteers) features of a metabolism was carried out at long starvation. Chapter about diseases of a metabolism in the guide to private pathology and therapy of internal diseases published under G. F. Lang and D. D. Pletnev's edition (1928) is written to them.

Clinic of E. E. Fromgolda began with one of the first in the USSR systematic researches on questions of a pathogeny and treatment of a diabetes mellitus, including insulin therapy and its complications; since 1920 widely applied an electrocardiography, including to studying of disturbances of a heart rhythm and a myocardial infarction. M. of H participated in the researches conducted in clinic. 1 Rubbed nicknames, V. D. Shervinsky, to A. F. Samoylov researches were conducted with wide use of achievements of physics, chemistry, mathematics.

E. E. Fromgold was an editor of a redotdel «Internal diseases» of 1 prod. BME, companion (deputy) chairman Moscow therapeutic about-va.

Works: Researches about urobilin, a yew., M., 1911; About a bilious pigment at jaundice, Works of the 5th congress of dews. ter., page 471, SPb., 1914; Picture of a disease at poisoning with suffocating gases, Saturday., it is devoted, to the prof. V. D. Shervinsky concerning the 40 anniversary his doctor., nauch., to teach. and societies. deyateln., t. 1, page 314, M., 1917; To a question of a metabolism at starvation, Rubbed. arkh., t. 3, century 5-6, page 104, 1925 (sovm. with Mikhaylov K. F.); Diseases of a metabolism, in book: Parts, pathology and therapy vnutr. diseases, under the editorship of G. F. Lang and D. D. Pletnev, t. 4, century 1, page 3, M. — L., 1928; Septic diseases, Klin, medical, t. 11, No. 19-20, page 932, 1933; The Pathogeny of jaundice, in book: Cholecystitises and diseases of bilious ways, under the editorship of

A.S. Avanesov, etc., page 20, M., 1936.

Bibliography: Borodulin V. I.

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