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FRYDRIKH SINDROM (N. Friedrich, is mute. surgeon, sort. in 1893) — an aseptic subkhondrialny necrosis of the sternal end of a clavicle.

It is described by Friedrich in 1924.

More often F. the page arises at teenagers. In its etiology and a pathogeny the chronic microtrauma has a certain value (see).

Clinically moderately painful swelling in the field of a sternal and clavicular joint is defined, it is preferential at an exercise stress. Radiological in a little reinforced sternal end of a clavicle focal enlightenments are found out owing to what the bone tissue of an epiphysis has an appearance of small fragments.

Differential diagnosis is carried out with a periostitis (see) and osteomyelitis (see) clavicles, the followed constant pains and local temperature increase; with the deforming arthrosis (see), at Krom rentgenol. data indicate narrowing of a joint crack, emergence of bone growths; with the syndrome to Tittsa (see Tittsa a syndrome) which is characterized by damage of preferential costal cartilages with the phenomena of an osteochondritis, deformation of edges or breasts, existence of constant pains and cough; at the same time costal cartilages early ossify, mobility of a breast is broken, respiratory function that is never observed at Friedrich's syndrome decreases.

Treatment conservative — fixing of an upper extremity a kerchief on the party of defeat for 8 — 10 days, thermal procedures (paraffin, ozokeritovy or mud applications, 5 — 6 procedures

15 — 20 min. at t ° 40 — 42 °).

Forecast favorable.

Bibliography: Friedrich H.

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