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FRYOYER Petter (Freyer Peter Johnston, 1851 — 1921) is the English surgeon, one of founders of urology in Great Britain.

Left medical college Irish un-that in Dublin in

1872. Doctor of medicine (1874). Then worked as the surgeon in India where gained practical experience of a lithotripsy. Since 1897 until the end of life worked as the chief surgeon of hospital

of Saint Peter in London.

P. Freyer developed technology of operation suprapubic chres a vesical adenomectomy (operation on Fedorov — to Freyer); in 1920 published results of the St. 1500 adenomectomies which are carried out by him (see Adenoma of a prostate). Among its numerous scientific works the greatest fame was gained by 4 monographs, to-rye ran into several editions. Among them «Crushing of stones in mochevokhm a bubble» (1886), the monographs devoted to a kakhmnedrobleniye and a lithotomy, treatment of strictures of an urethra, diseases of a prostate.

In 1912 it is elected the honorary member Russian urological about-va in St. Petersburg. Since 1920 — the first president created at London royal medical about-ve urological section.

Works: The modern treatment of stone in the bladder by litholapaxy, L., 1886, 1896;

Clinical lectures on stricture of the urethra and enlargement of the prostate, L., 1902; Clinical lectures on the surgical diseases of the urinary organs, L., 1908; Modern progress in urinary surgery, Proc. roy. Soc. Med., Sect. Urol., v. 14, p. 1, 1920 — 1921.

Bibliography: Murphy L. J. T. The history of urology, p. 405, Springfield, 1972. Yu. A. Pytel.