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FRYOYDINA LINYOYKA (JI. M. Frey-din, owls. radiologist, sort. in

1909) — adaptation, pozvo

lyayushchy to define a depth of a X-ray contrast foreign body in an object of X-ray inspection.

T. l. it is possible to apply also to definition of degree of shift of bone fragments in cases when because of weight of a condition of the victim it is impossible to make a picture in two projections.

It is offered in 1941 by L. M. Frey-din on the basis of the principle of parallactical shift of the image of an object during the movement of a source of x-ray emission (see Skia-logiya).

T. l. represents a plate 24 cm long, izgotovledny of metal or other X-ray contrast material with the scale applied on it on the one hand containing 30 conditional digital designations and the instruction for use — with another.

Make a X-ray analysis of an object of a research with consecutive double exhibiting of a film from two provisions of a X-ray tube for definition of a depth of a X-ray contrast foreign body. After manifestation of a picture put a ruler to two images of a foreign body on a film and determine a depth of a foreign body by a scale of a ruler.

See also Foreign bodys, radiodiagnosis. S. A. Sviridov.